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Aventura Spa Palace

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Aventura Spa Palace Mission:

To contribute to total health and well being by providing our guest with a safe, beautiful, relaxing, caring, and clean environment where they will have the most energizing, restoring, soothing, and detoxifying and de-stressing Spa experience imaginable.  An experience unlike any other in the world, dedicated to purifying the body, lifting the spirit, and invigorating the soul.

Treatment descriptions:

Marine Body Scrub ( 25 minutes)
A revitalizing, invigorating treatment that refines the surface of the skin by exfoliating dead cells, stimulating circulation, preparing the skin for other treatments, and leaving your skin with a healthy shiny glow.
Sea Fango therapy (50 minutes)
A unique experience that combines the wonderful benefits of Sea Fango rich in minerals and plant enzymes with a soothing light massage and wrap.  The Sea Fango, with its nourishing action, reduces muscles soreness and inflammation, restores skin mineral balance and helps to detoxify your body.  Great for sore muscles, joints and abdominal inflammation.
New age sea marine facial (50 minutes)
An anti-wrinkle, anti-age luxurious facial with the most advanced new age products available in Europe.  A unique anti-aging treatment utilizing the natural, therapeutic properties of seaweed which is rich in vitamins, minerals, natural elements, amino acids and other properties which nourish and tone.  This restores and rejuvenates your skin with an incredible lasting effect.
Back Massage (25 minutes)
Massage is the scientifically based, systematic manipulation of the soft tissue of the body.  Regular massage reduces stress and tension, relieves physical and mental fatigue and promotes relaxation with greater body awareness.  It makes joints suppler and relaxes tight muscles and temporarily increases circulation.  Both blood and lymph flow is stimulated, thereby aiding the body in removing wastes and speeding the body's rehabilitation from injuries.  The massages is performed on bare skin that has been lubricated with natural botanical oils.  This massage is performed to release the accumulated tension in the neck, shoulders and back.
Invigorating leg massage (25 minutes)
Relax and restore your vital energy with a wonderful invigorating and relaxing leg massage.  Tension and accumulated stress will vanish with each long, smooth gliding stroke, loosening tense muscles, improving circulation and mobility on legs and feet.
Holistic relaxation massage (50 minutes)
Relax and restore your vital energy with a wonderful soothing and relaxing whole body massage.  Tension and accumulated stress will vanish with each long, smooth gliding stroke, loosening tense muscles, improving circulation and mobility.
Aromatherapy Massage (50 minutes)
Aromatherapy is the use of natural, aromatic plant oils in the pursuit of emotional, mental, and physical well-being.  The use of the oils applied with massage combines the senses of smell and touch to ease both physical and mental tension.  The experience will be up lifting and balancing.  Seven essential oils are feathered on the spine and soles of the feet followed by various massage techniques applied to loosen tense muscles, reduce stress and improve circulation and mobility to soothe the body, mind and spirit.
Face, head & shoulder acupressure (25 minutes)
A wonderful, truly relaxing and therapeutic finger pressure massage to key energy balancing points on face, head and shoulders.  This is an ancient Oriental longevity secret for a youthful and ageless look.
Reflexology (50 minutes)
Reflexology is an ancient technique that promotes energy balance and overall well being.  This therapy is based on the principle of reflex points that correspond to body organs.  Proper stimulation of these reflexes can aid many health problems in a natural way.
Refresher facial (25 minutes)
A soothing relaxing facial with marine extracts to cleanse, oxygenate and hydrate your face applied with a gentle, relaxing massage.  Does not include a mask or extraction.
Relaxing foot massage (25 minutes)
A treatment dedicated to soothe your sore feet.  Plunged into an invigorating herbal footbath, followed by a foot scrub and delightful foot massage that will have you walking on air.
Relaxing scalp massage (25 minutes)
If you love to have your head massaged, then try the relaxing and soothing scalp massage with high performance hair products that will bring balance and vitality to your scalp.  (Does not include set & dry)
Palace manicure (25 minutes)
A complete manicure applied with a relaxing hand massage and followed by nail polish or the nail base coat of your choice.
Palace pedicure (25 minutes)
A complete pedicure, with a relaxing aromatic footbath finishing with an application of nail polish or the nail base coat of your choice.
Riviera hand treatment (15 minutes)
Your hands and forearms are exfoliated with a soothing gel.  This is followed by a hydrating, revitalizing masque finishing with a light hand cream.
Riviera foot treatment (15 minutes)
Your feet and calves are exfoliated with a soothing gel followed by a hydrating refreshing foot cream that leaves your feet like new.
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