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Spa Services Available:

Star Treatments:

Mayan Awakening - 75 minutes

  • A truly Mayan treatment based in two regional plants, the Chaya and the Achiote with mud's from the Chicxulub crater.  This treatment awakens the senses through a marine salt and honey exfoliation, followed by a seaweed and mud wrap and a final moisturizing.  The properties of these plants are relaxing and help to activate the lymphatic flow

Avocado Milk - 75 minutes

  • Give back the necessary nutrients to your skin with a relaxing milk bath in our hydrotherapy tub.  This emulsion worthy of the highest members of the reign baths the skin with softness.  The Milk bath is followed by a gentle massage with cream if avocado and magnesium.  It is perfect to restore health and softness for aged or dry skin. 

Coo-Coo for Cocoa - 50 minutes

  • Cocoa was used as money and stimulant by the ancient Mexican natives.  The exotic seed has a special energy that nourishes and energizes the skin.  This envelopment moisturizes and helps to reduce "orange style" skin.

Mayan Gold - 75 minutes

  • Vanilla reigns the Yucatan.  The spice used to be traded as the Mayan Gold.  Tlilxochitl was the name given by the women in ancient Mexico.  They knew the calming properties of this sweet and soft Mexican plant.  This luxurious treatment begins with a hydrotherapy massage with vanilla and milk and is followed by a long aromatic massage with gold leaf.  A brilliant treatment worth its weight in gold.

Nopal & Aloe Vera - 75 minutes

  • The inside of the Aloe Vera leaves is a translucent gel which healing and regenerative properties are known since ancient times.  This treatments starts with a dry exfoliation followed with an aloe vera wrap.  Your skin will immediately feel the healing properties.  We finish with a massage scented with the unique fragrances of the Tuna, the exotic and sweet fruit of the nopal cactus.  Includes your own brush for exfoliation.

Papaya Passion - 75 minutes

  • Vitamin C, antioxidants and regenerative properties for the skin, are some of the qualities of this fruit, named by Cristobal Colon as "Angel's Fruit".  This treatment includes an exfoliation based on papaya seeds and oils in the vichy shower, followed by a papaya body mask, to finish with an unconventional dry massage with therapeutic seed bags.

Herbal Infusion - 50 minutes

  • The Yucatan region is rich in aromatic plants with powerful therapeutic effects and these are the basis of this treatment.  The treatment starts with an herbal infusion in our bubble tub, followed by a massage with warm oil and your choice of herbal extracts.

Body Treatments:

Lily Wrap - 50 minutes

  • After a long exposure to the sun, the skin may be irritated.  To bring back its natural balance we have combined the beauty and freshness of the lily with the energizing properties of green tea in this revitalizing and repairing treatment. 

Heat From The Desert Wrap - 50 minutes

  • Red ocean seaweed.  Mineral mud's from the desert.  This holistic combination contributes with copper, magnesium and sulfur to the tired skin and the achy body.  These elements are absorbed by the skin and at the end of your skin, body and mind will feel the renovating effects of this treatment. 

Marine Envelopment For Tired Legs - 50 minutes

  • A warm and comforting seaweed gel will be applied to your legs.  This helps to eliminate toxins and will improve the aspect of the skin.  It will leave a sense of well being in all your body. 

Salt Glow Scrub - 25 minutes

  • Aromatic salts with oils and minerals are applied to the body under the soft touch of the water in the vichy shower.  Skin glows at its best, feeling smooth once we eliminate all the dead cells.  Your skin will then be ready for the sun and your tan will last much longer. 

Seaweed Wrap - 50 minutes

  • The seaweed in the ocean contains a legacy of vitamins, minerals and enzymes which mixed with the aromatic spirit of sandalwood give to this treatment a detoxifying, nourishing and firming quality to the skin.

Ocean Dust Envelopment - 50 minutes

  • The perfect balance between ocean water and seaweed makes a revitalizing formula for the skin.  It gets rid of the toxins that responsible for making you feel tired, while it nourishes you with minerals and relaxes your body.

Green Coffee - 50 minutes

  • Under the skin we can develop cellulite that are not just ugly but can be harmful.  Green coffee is a powerful natural tool that helps to dissolve the lipid chains and take them out of the body.  The texture of the skin looks and feels great after.

Sport Treatment - 50 minutes

  • Mud is excellent in helping with muscular pain, arthritis and rheumatism.  Let us pamper you with this wrap that mother earth, in its wisdom has created to ease all these discomforts.  It is also an energizing treatment.

Sculpting Your Body - 50 minutes

  • The best of the ocean and the earth.  This blend of mud and guarana reduces subcutaneous fat and helps to promote elasticity and firmness to the skin.  To finish, we apply a seaweed based lotion.  For better results we recommend several sessions.  Get 20% off after the third treatment.


Before any hydrotherapy treatment we recommend that you have a salt glow treatment, which you will receive a 10% discount on.

Relaxing Balneotherapy - 25 minutes

  • Stress, chronic fatigue and insomnia will disappear after trying this bath with essential oils, Lavender, Sandalwood or Violet will bring you back totally renovated.

Mineral Balneotherapy - 25 minutes

  • From the ocean, just the best for your health.  Minerals, extracts and essential oils will stimulate your body in such a way that is difficult to describe. 


Swedish Massage - 50 minutes or 80 minutes

  • Your skin will be moisturized with natural oils, while long and slow strokes help you to release tensions, reducing stress and muscular discomfort.

Deep Tissue Massage - 50 minutes or 80 minutes

  • This therapeutic massage helps to dissolve tensional knots resulting from daily stress.  It stimulates circulation and relaxes the body leaving it ready for another day of activity.

Sport Massage - 50 minutes or 80 minutes

  • If you practice any sport, this strong and intense massage will suit you.  Stretching and percussions will help your muscles to relieve pain and fatigue. 

Aromatherapy Massage - 50 minutes or 80 minutes

  • Essential oils have an incredible effect for the body, mind and spirit.  Combined with natural massage oils, they penetrate the skin through lymphatic points in all the body.  You can choose the level of pressure that suits you. 

Sport Massage - 50 minutes or 80 minutes

  • If you practice any sport, this strong and intense massage will suit you.  Stretching and percussions will help your muscles to relieve pain and fatigue. 

The Perfect Couple, Services for Two People

Caribbean for 2 - 1 hour

  • 2 Relaxing Caribbean Massages - 30 minutes
  • Sauna, Steam Bath and Jacuzzi

Golden Skin - 1 hour and 15 minutes

  • Body Exfoliating
  • Back Massage - 15 minutes
  • Sauna, Steam Bath and Jacuzzi

A Dream Bride Pre-Wedding Package

Relax with Scent - 1 hour

  • Caribbean Aroma Therapeutic Massage - 30 minutes
  • French Manicure
  • Sauna, Steam Bath, and Jacuzzi

Sensual Bride - 1 hour and 40 minutes

  • Facial Aroma Therapeutic
  • French Manicure
  • Sauna, Steam Bath, and Jacuzzi

Bride Bath - 2 hours

  • Sauna, Steam Bath, and Jacuzzi
  • Body Hydration

Brightly Bride - 2 hours and 30 minutes

  • Facial Hydrating
  • French Manicure
  • French Pedicure
  • Bride Hairstyle

Pre-Wedding Package for Bride and Groom

Caribbean Honeymoon - 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Sauna, Steam Bath and Jacuzzi
  • Body Exfoliating
  • Caribbean Aroma Therapeutic - 30 minutes

Caribbean Scents - 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Caribbean Aroma Therapeutic - 1 hour
  • Sauna, Steam Bath, and Jacuzzi

All rates are subject to change without prior notice.



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